A Boy Named Ergo

Ergo is a bright red human-puppet hybrid who wants only to be a normal teenager, if there is such a thing. He’s survived vampires, zombies, aliens, clowns, and dangers in the furthest reaches of space. But can he survive the socialized, heavily-medicated environment of the public school system? Can he endure a seemingly endless onslaught of bounty hunters, defective androids, galactic invasions, and martial arts crazed bullies? Can he go the distance, win the championship and the heart of the most beautiful girl in the school? And how does the plight of this befuddled creature with a heart of gold have anything to do with zany subplots about adorable, marketable critters, a doughy detective, and a defrosted theme park owner all overly saturated with literary tropes?

The Public Television Heroes! series:
Book 1: Unemployed Public Television Vampire Hunters
Book 2: Mutated Mediocre Public Television Galactic Defenders Save the Universe!
Book 3: A Boy Named Ergo
Book 4: Dracula, Ergo, Terror!

Length:  326 pages, 51,000 words, with illustrations by the very talented author

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