A Nettle By Any Other Name

Helen Marie, Lady Stormont, longs to improve educational opportunities for the bluestockings of Highgate. Though her contemporaries scoff at her idea, she plans to open a home just for the girls, where they can study without interruptions. Thinking she’ll be alone in her endeavors, she’s thrilled when her close friend Talbot Yelverton happily agrees to help her.

Talbot Yelverton, Earl of Godolphin, has a secret—he’s been in love with his friend Helen his entire life. Though he longs to tell her of his feelings, he’s afraid he’ll be rebuffed since she’s years his senior. Will Helen still think of him as the lad who followed her around when they were young? Will it advance his suit if he helps her fund the bluestocking house, or is he still hiding behind conventions while courting an unconventional lady?

Length: 27,000 words, 111 pages

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