Cowboy Joins the Fight

A stranger named Merlin Vector sent a bewildered cowboy from the wild West 100 years into his future to save my life. That cowboy, Hunt Weston, and I fell hopelessly in love in south Alabama in 1985. Now that we’re engaged, I’m assuming we’re being assigned to a new time-travel adventure as a pair to save somebody else — but who? where, and when?

The mysterious Mr. Vector provides no explanations, just a torn poker card with a name, a place, and a date. That’s not much to go on when we just zoomed across time and space in a flash.

Now, huddled beside a rough stone wall in an old-timey village, the night black about us and gunfire booming in the distance, I can only imagine the worst. This time-travel adventure is going to be wild, difficult… and dangerous.


Length: 196 pages

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