Iceas’ Victory

Born magic. Never warned.

Iceas Lachlan thought her biggest problem was getting a date for the high school dance. Her neighbor, Brendan Donovan, captain of the football team and utterly gorgeous, the guy she’s crushed on forever, has suddenly become irritatingly protective and won’t let anyone date her. And since he won’t ask her out himself, that kinda crimps having any fun, and even though she really likes him, Iceas is just about fed up.

When her father gets wind of the situation, he forces Brendan to ask her out, which is humiliating. It’s bad when Brendan stands her up for their date and she’s forced to make do with his friend, Malcolm, but then without warning, her father collapses in agony, and her mother won’t let Iceas call for an ambulance. Instead, Mom entrusts his care to Brendan’s parents… as if there’s something different about her father, something strange that a doctor or hospital couldn’t cure. Her parents finally admit there are some family secrets they’ve never told her.

And considering her new, bizarre dreams, Iceas can’t help wondering if she didn’t inherit some of her family’s weirdness. She isn't so sure Brendan is ready to protect her against things she can’t even imagine.

Length: 284 pages

Secret Defenders:
Prequel: Cian and Arin: Beginning
Book 1: The Key
Book 2: Mara's Secret
Book 3: Iceas' Victory

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