One Simple Favor

by the author of Scratching the Seven-Month Itch and The Overnighter's Secrets

Tricia Pilgrim reluctantly agrees to pick up a sort-of cousin she’s never met at a distant bus station and drive him back to Verdeville, Tennessee. She might as well. Everything’s already gone wrong with her mini-vacation weekend, there's an emergency at her job, and things can’t get any worse. Right?

Wrong. Her twice-removed third cousin-in-law turns out to be a hunk who moves like a special forces ninja. And one of them is a magnet for trouble… of the lousiest kind. The kind with bad guys and guns.

It’s the wrong way to feel about a cousin, even one by marriage. But she feels safe with Mike. Can he get her through this long, terrifying night? Will she survive to double-check Aunt Mary’s family tree?

Length: 36,000 words, 122 pages

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