Sowing Chaos

How do you stop mindless hate? By any means possible. 

In near-future America, CIA agent Angela Martinelli faces off against the North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un’s plan to bring down the United States. With no thought about how his actions might affect his allies, Kim launched a plan of nuclear and biological terrorism against the United States, and now it’s up to America’s over-stretched counter terrorist forces to stop the state sponsored terrorism… if they can.

The first volume of The Collapse races from crisis to crisis, trailing blood across the globe. From the barbeque pits of Memphis to the deepest vaults of the Pentagon, nobody and nothing is spared.

Written by a man who investigated and planned for the very threats Martinelli fights to prevent, the driving force behind this relentlessly suspenseful thriller brings a realism that is terrifying because it is all too possible. Fans of William Alan Webb’s Last Brigade series may think they know what’s coming, but don’t count on it.


The Collapse:
Sowing Chaos
Unleashing Chaos

Length: 408 pages

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