Standing with Righteous Rage

The fight is on for the soul of resurrected America, and the good guys are losing.

Tom Steeple and his Chinese allies have taken control of Overtime Prime, and with the fall of Nick Angriff their opposition is powerless to stop them. Steeple’s dream of a totalitarian America under his hand as benevolent dictator can now become a reality, even if it means making common cause with America’s mortal enemies. No treachery is too great to fulfill his ambitions, and those of his friends.

But American patriotism doesn’t die that easily, and Steeple just might find out that men and women still exist to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Regardless of the odds, some people take their service oaths seriously, even unto death.

Such courage always has a cost, though, and this time the cost is high.

The Last Brigade:
Book 1: Standing the Final Watch
Book 1.5: The Ghost of Voodoo Village (plus bonus chapters)
Book 2: Standing in the Storm
Book 3: Standing at the Edge
Book 3.5: The Hairy Man
Book 4: Standing Before Hell's Gate
Book 5: Standing with Righteous Rage
Book 6: Standing Among the Tombstones

Length: 138,000 words, 372 pages

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