The Bagorian Chronicles

You think you are having a bad day? Try being Haley Meadows. Poor girl just wanted what any young woman wants. A boyfriend who treats her right, to finish college, a decent job and maybe that perfect set of jeans. She almost had it all before that galactic idiot, Prince Trelax, bumped into her on Earth and decided it was in everyone’s best interest to bash her over the head with his disruptor and take her half way across the galaxy. To make matters worse, Trelax’s father, the King of Bagoria and the leader of the galactic crime syndicate, politely informed her that she must either do his bidding or he is going to blast her into a gazillion particles and sweep her remains out into space. Nope, no stress at all.

Forced to help crew a barely functional transport ship, Haley must contend with two dysfunctional computers who can’t ever seem to agree on anything, let alone get along. In the process she creates enemies who will stop at nothing to ensure she is out of the way, permanently. Can things possibly get any worse? As it turns out, yes, it can.

The Bagorian Chronicles cover