The Youngest Mountain Man

When New York native Samuel Dubois moves to Montana, he learns the hard way that his favorite fantasy novel doesn’t help when he’s lost in the wilderness. Surrounded by animals that scream like creatures from his books, towering, creaky trees, and blood-sucking insects, Samuel spends the worst night of his life perched on top of a rock with only his book and the moon for comfort.

Afterward, finally home and safe, Samuel can’t sleep and won’t go out. He realizes the only way to fight his fear is to learn everything he can about survival. After reading lots of books, watching videos, and listening to the camping adventures of local boys, he returns to the forest that terrified him. He learns to build a fire without matches, catch fish and game birds, gather mountain man salads, build shelters, and purify water. He follows elk and big horn sheep, finds wild berries and greens, and sets up a cave as a clubhouse.

But there are many dangers in Blodgett Canyon… like the mountain lion that screams in the night and checks out what Samuel ate for dinner. There are broken bones, lost campers, poachers, flash floods. Only the strongest mountain man can survive, and Samuel wants to survive.

Length: 332 pages

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