Tools of the Trade

When the remains of Chip Hale’s daughter are uprooted by a summer storm nine years after she went missing, he vows to find her killer. Cold case detectives from The Biggest Little City in the World have investigated her disappearance without success. But when another young woman goes missing, it becomes too much for the blue-collar handyman to handle by himself.

Hard as a titanium pop-rivet, except when it comes to raising his two techno-savvy, wise-cracking teenage granddaughters, Chip relies on the girls’ computer skills and his coworkers' military and law enforcement backgrounds when looking for the dirtbag who murdered his daughter. Meanwhile the clock is ticking as his vigilante team risks everything by taking the law into their own hands. But will their old-school sleuthing Tools of the Trade be enough?

Length: 277 pages

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