Unemployed Public Television Vampire Hunters

Smart enough for fine arts majors… silly enough for kids!

Myles Keiffer is a mild-mannered television program director who is inadvertently pulled into a world of conspiracy, intrigue, and mystery as he and a scrappy band of public television stars embark on a cross-country adventure in which they encounter zombies, aliens, vampires, clowns, and the penultimate evil that could very well mean the end of all humanity, as well as government-funded television programming. (A satire.)

The Public Television Heroes series:
Book 1: Unemployed Public Television Vampire Hunters
Book 2: Mutated Mediocre Public Television Galactic Defenders Save the Universe!
Book 3: A Boy Named Ergo
Book 4: Dracula, Ergo, Terror!

Length:  124 pages, 30,000 words, with illustrations by the very talented author

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