Alan Goldstein

Alan Goldstein has been the interpretive naturalist at the Falls of the Ohio State Park (Clarksville, Indiana) since 1993 and an educator-curator at the Louisville Kentucky Science Center before that. He is an educator, develops and lead programs, and trains volunteers. His programs have touched more than 150,000 individuals over his career. His lifetime of being with nature are incorporated into his novels to make the settings more realistic and accurate.

Over the last 40 years, he’s penned (well, typed) some 140 articles published in nearly 20 hobbyist and career-related magazines-periodicals including ASTRONOMY, ROCKS & MINERALS, LEGACY, and THE MINERALOGICAL RECORD. His focus is making science exciting, interpreting our world, telling stories that bring the past to life, and provide a richer experience for stargazers and naturalist. Two articles on different topics won national peer awards.

Alan is a co-founder of The Louisville Writer’s Meetup, established in 2015. It normally meets once or twice a week but is meeting on-line during the pandemic.

From 2009 to 2017, he was the chief content provider for the Falls of the Ohio web site, which reached hundreds of thousands of people annually. He is the chief content provider for the Indiana state park’s official Facebook page.

Alan has been married since 1987, has two daughters, and hopes the opportunity to visit Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Oregon arise so he can have all 50 states under his belt.

Alan and Cougar Cincy Zoo