Lori Lapekes

Born in the small town of Wayland, Michigan, Lori has been writing since she was about 10 years old. Raised in the country with goofy siblings, a few strange neighbors, and many animals, Lori has cemented her own “quirkiness” through a series of unusual factory jobs and a two-year stint in art school. Presently she works as a graphic artist, while at long last realizing her true dream of becoming a published author of off-beat Midwestern novels. Acknowledging that most people who hear voices in their heads are called schizophrenic, she knows that when these voices are put to paper and assigned names, the creator of these characters are then labeled… writers! Lori believes her novels will especially resonate with people in “fly-over” country. Lori now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her ball-obsessed German shepherd, Maddy, a three-footed cat named Tippy, and the formerly Mr. Starvin’ Marvin the kitty.