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New(ish) release! Jurassic Jail by William Alan Webb

Bill Webb’s series The Last Brigade has amazed readers for two years now. Jurassic Jail starts a new spinoff series that we’re calling Time Wars, and it takes place about fifty years before Standing the Final Watch… as well as considerably earlier. Here’s the blurb:

In the Jurassic, nobody cares if you scream.

Future America is dangerous and bankrupt. The interstate highways are littered with the rusted hulks of ambushed cars and trucks, and only Mad Max would dare travel the back roads.

When an arms race with Russia and China to develop time travel for military purposes achieves success, the body count skyrockets as both patriot and enemy try to hijack the new technology. Like the Manhattan Project and Operation Overtime before it, such a project attracts the best and the brightest as well as the worst and the psychotic.

But not everyone has given up on the rule of law. In Tennessee, Fayette County D.A. Pete Dance wants to prosecute the murder of a man whose fossilized remains turn up after a series of devastating earthquakes. The problem is that the victim is still alive.

When the violence starts, it doesn’t stop until the final whirlwind of teeth and claws and lasers.

The first spinoff series from William Alan Webb’s immensely popular series The Last Brigade is described by one critic as “…Spectre agents chasing Fast and Furious through Jurassic World,” while another reviewer added “…with a heavy dose of Harry Bosch for good measure.”

“After the heart-pounding finale, you won’t see the shocking ending coming. Guaranteed to keep you awake at night.”

Jurassic Jail is currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, but it won’t stay there forever. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity, now’s a good time.



NEW RELEASE! Mara’s Secret

Hi, everybody, and welcome to Dingbat Publishing’s new blog! You’re just in time for our new release, Mara’s Secret, the second title in Felicia Roger’s exciting YA paranormal romance series Secret Defenders. If you like action, suspense, a touch of mystery, shapeshifters with an agenda of their own, and fated love, then this is a series for you!

Here’s the blurb:

He’d earned it…
As punishment for his past deeds, Dougal Lachlan was prepared to spend the rest of his days in prison. But without warning, he wakes up in an unexpected place and time with a new mission. Should he be thankful, or terrified?

She didn’t…
Mara Hess hasn’t spoken for the last ten years. Her family believes she’s dimwitted. But Mara knows something — a secret she’s afraid to share. The only way to make sure no one else ever learns what she knows is to never speak at all.

In a nation at war with itself…
Union troops arrive to fight the Confederate rebels for the lazy town of Wheeler’s Landing. But the Union soldiers aren’t what they seem. The town, and the Hess family, are in terrible danger. Can Dougal shake out his new, untested wings and fight for those he’s come to love? Will Mara’s secret doom the town and her family, or save them all?

Mara’s Secret is now available at Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. Paperback coming soon, too!



P.S. Felicia, congrats on your latest release! Readers, have you SEEN all the books this woman’s got out? If you haven’t, you gotta check it out with a click here.