Do you write true crime? Consider submitting a True Crime Shortie of five to fifteen thousand words to our Old Cases series.


To get a contract with Dingbat Publishing, you're gonna need powerful characterization, attention to description and background, and a plotline that just won't quit. Here are the genres we're interested in reading.
  • Military science fiction. Whether you've got near-future wars or space marines battling for Wolf 359, we want to see your best.
  • Fantasy. Most interested in strong Dungeons & Dragons type adventures, with lots of oh-shit moments and dangerous critters.
  • Mysteries and thrillers, for both teens and adults. Less interested in dystopias and more interested in plot twists and well-planted clues. Think you can sneak one past me?
  • Picture books, with or without illustrations. We have three artists on standby, and I'm a sucker for a cute kids' book.
  • Romance, last but not least. Subgenres we'll accept include Regency, Victorian, some select contemporary, medieval and Renaissance, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, and inspirational. We're particularly interested in believable combinations of the above. For example, an inspirational rom susp Regency would really light my fire.
For all genres, no graphic sex scenes, no eeeevil corporations or businesscritters (they've been sadly overdone), and no misusing the name of God. Bad language is acceptable if it's called for by the story and/or characters, but not for a shock (since it's no longer shocking).
Email your first three chapters or complete nonfiction manuscript to editor (that sign) dingbatpublishing (dot) (ninja). Unless we're swamped, you can generally expect a response within three to five weeks. All submissions will receive an answer.